FASTAP will transform and improve the present situation of the wind energy sector. The project is focused on getting an extra potential worldwide wind market through the optimization of the turbines ‘electric capabilities.

The traditional wind turbine transformer will be updated or replaced by a fast On-Load TapChanger that allows enhancing wind turbines’ electric features and ease its integration in weak grids. This new technology is based on thyristors semiconductors that permit to choose and regulate, very quickly, the best voltage we want the wind turbine to operate in.


As in cycling, the bike’s sprockets help the muscles adapt to uphill and downhill climbs to optimize their strength and energy. In the past, the sprockets were fixed and cyclists were overstrained during these irregular moments.

FASTAP applies the logic of today’s bicycles to the electrical design of WTGs. FASTAP technology makes the concept of a “shifting system” a reality in the WTG. This allows the WTG to perform at the highest level.

FASTAP allows us to choose the optimum voltage value at which we want the genset to operate, not only in steady state conditions, but also in dynamic and transient events, in a very cost-effective way and using an existing genset component (i.e., the MV/LV transformer).

FASTAP will scale the technology readiness from the current TRL6 level to TRL8, and a subsequent fast scale-up phase to market deployment no longer than 4 months after the end of the project, reaching TRL9.


Ecological Impacts

FASTAP is developed under the specific objective of providing leadership in wind energy for the transition towards a zero-carbon economy..

Economic Impacts

Citizen and business will take profit of FASTAP when it reaches the market, 4 months after the project finishes. The main benefits of the project include a reduction of future running costs (5,5% LCoE reduction) and an increment of productivity (+5% Annual Energy Production).

Social Impacts

FASTAP will allow to create new high-skilled green jobs and it will maintain communities with green and healthy sources.

This project has received funding from the European Union´s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program under grant  agreement No 971145


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