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FasTaP releases an article at Power Electronics News magazine

Last 31 of October, our colleagues, Juergen Schiele and Jens Przybilla from Infineon Technologies, have released an article at Power Electronics News magazine. The article, called “Benefits of press-pack technology and LTTs” explains the benefits of Infineon’s Press Pack housing and light-triggered thyristor (LTT).

Moreover, the article shows the benefits of Press Pack technology, emphasizing its two-sided cooling mechanism, large electrical contact area, and improved housing strength. IGBT modules have been dominant in power electronic applications, but certain applications, such as those with oil-immersed transformers (OIT) in wind energy systems up to 10 MW, require characteristics not supported by IGBTs. The modern Light-Triggered Thyristor (LTT) with Press Pack housing and on-chip functionality presents key features for high-power applications.

More details about the benefits and the customer demands that has been exposed on the article can be found at the Power Electronics News magazines, following the link here.

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