FASTAP Project’s prototype OIT successfully cleared IEC Short-Circuit tests

At the beginning of August 2023, FASTAP’s prototype Oil-Immersed Transformer (OIT) successfully passed Short-Circuit tests in accordance with IEC standards, a significant breakthrough in the project’s headway. The tests were conducted in August at the KEMA laboratory in Arnhem, the Netherlands.

The accomplishment holds significance as the FASTAP team faced challenges in passing this specific test on three previous occasions. “This achievement is a major milestone for us, as it paves the way for advancing the prototype OIT’s Technology Readiness Level (TRL) to level 8,” stated Fernando Santodomingo, Power Output Expert in Siemens Gamesa and project coordinator of FASTAP.

“The IEC Short-Circuit test requirements are specially demanding for oil-immersed transformers. This fact has brought new problems to be solved which could take place in very rare operating conditions. Anyhow the FASTAP team has been able to review the technology basis and adapt it sufficiently to overcome the challenge. This test has certainly been very useful and a very rewarding experience for the project” expressed Fernando Santodomingo.

Both FASTAP prototypes have been able to go through IEC short circuit tests as regular standard transformers are required to do. This highlights the robustness that FASTAP technology pretends to achieve on its way to the commercial technology readiness level.

The successful completion of the short-circuit tests highlights the FASTAP team’s dedication to pushing innovation and engineering excellence and unlocks the next step toward OIT prototype certification. The next step will be a vibration test to be carried out at CECI’s premises in Bergamo during next month, October 2023.