Dry-Type prototype complies with IEC SC and Vibration Test required for WTG operation

During summer 2021 the DTT FASTAP prototype faced the final, and maybe more aggressive stages of the validation process. In collaboration with KEMA laboratories and in accordance with the IEC standards relevant to Wind Turbine Generators, Short-circuit and Vibration tests were carried out.

In first place, in Berlin, at the facilities formerly known as IPH, the prototype underwent two days of short-circuit testing, proving not only satisfactory electrical results, but also an excellent thermal behaviour in extremely hot days.

Later on, the prototype travelled to Bergamo, to the KEMA laboratory formerly known as CESI, to undergo one full week of extreme vibrations and long-hours endurance tests. Again, the performance was satisfactory and not a single bolt was found to be loose afterwards.

After each of both stages, the prototype was once again confirmed to be sound by means of routine tests and further inspections. The DTT prototype had successfully completed a very demanding validation campaign perfectly fulfilling all technical challenges.

This are the some of the first steps of FASTAP project to reach the market and benefit society with its advances for a greener and more powerful exploitation of wind energy.