Dry-Type prototype has been manufactured and tested successfully

At the beginning of FASTAP project, an intense preliminary test campaign to the newly manufactured DTT prototype was carried out in Freiburg, at the Fraunhofer institute for Solar Energy. The power capacity of this modern facilities made it available to host the first electrical endurance tests of the project.

This test stage consisted of two non-stop weeks during which, for the first time, transformer, semiconductors and advanced control strategies were put to work together against very demanding requirements. Fortunately, the prototype well proved to be fit and the performance exceeded expectations.

Success was later confirmed when, back to the factory in Regensburg, the prototype underwent routine tests with no hesitation, on top of other challenging tests like the standard full wave lightning strike among others.

FASTAP trendsetting technology was reinforced by the amount of tap changing manoeuvres, in a number that well exceeds the 50.000.