FASTAP initates its activity in Europe with a favourable wind

The European Project FASTAP has been launched this May 2021. The project will be executed until 2023 by 4 European organizations from Denmark, Spain and Germany: Siemens Gamesa, Mondragon University, Infineon and  SGB-SMIT. These entities together, will investigate around the optimization of wind turbines, to achieve an extra potential worldwide wind market.

FASTAP aims to offer a new vision of power generation: responsive, flexible and adaptative to different grid conditions. It’s technology is expected to evolve from TRL6 to TRL8 in 33 months when it could reach the market.

The growing demand of energy makes mandatory to use renewable energy sources to feed society and business. In this sense, FASTAP will feed their needs taking care of the environment by reducing CO2 emissions.

Among the economic and industrial impacts of the project, it will increase annual energy production while reducing the costs to produce it. The project aims to reduce up to 5.5% wind’s Leverage Cost of Energy what will benefit its commercialization after all.