Maximising wind turbines’ electric capabilities

FASTAP aims to disrupt the existing Wind Energy market with a new very fast electronic on-load tap changer transformer technology for wind turbines, offering new vision of power generation: responsive, flexible and adaptative. This solution will increase the wind turbines (WTG) operability while reducing wind’s leverage cost of energy.


Industrial goals

FASTAP will increase the annual energy production of WTG up to 5%. WTG electric capabilities will be maximized and systems will incorporate new gridconnection points. The project starts at TRL6 and will be completely developed through 2021-2023 reaching a TRL9 in 33 months.

Social goals

FASTAP will feed the growing energy needs worldwide using green sources. This project is focused on the reduction of CO2 emissions, and it will secure EU green jobs by increasing the wind market capacity.

Economic goals

FASTAP aims to reduce wind’s Leverage Cost of Energy up to 5.5%. It will engage the companies involved in the commercialization and design of WFs..



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These team members have large experience working together and cover the whole value chain to ensure that the FASTAP final product reaches the market.

Leader in the WTG market, will be the integrator and validator of the FASTAP product into 5 MW  platforms.

The most industrially oriented University in Spain. It was the first creator of the FASTAP concept and will provide the FASTAP technology to wind turbine transformers.

Market leader in bipolar high-performance semiconductors, brings the technical know-how and commercial capacity for thyristors-based semiconductors.

Number one medium-sized manufacturer of transformers in Europe, brings the technical know-how and commercial capacity for transformers.


This project has received funding from the European Union´s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program under grant  agreement No 971145


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